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What we stand for

Structural engineering

Structural engineering

We provide you with verifications and structural calculations for all components and project phases – from the excavation pit to the final connection to the building. We cover all materials and techniques and are not afraid to get to know new processes or develop solutions for scenarios that have not yet been mapped.

Unlimited geometries and materials

“Can’t be done” doesn’t exist. We find the most efficient solutions for all geometric tasks and guide forces into the subsoil via the shortest and easiest routes. We rely on tried and tested but also innovative methods and materials.

Unlimited geometries and materials

Technical advice and personal support

Technical-Economic Controlling

Does your project require additional technical support? Or do you have unexpected challenges in your project with unexpectedly high costs or supposedly unsolvable challenges? Get in touch with us. We analyze your situation in the shortest possible time, expand the project perspective and develop possible solutions together with your team. Our aim is always to achieve the best possible result for our customers.

Efficient and committed project support

We get involved in your project at any time and support you with our many years of expertise throughout the entire project cycle. We always show you unique and pragmatic ways to reach your goal quickly and efficiently.

Simple and unique

Ever since we studied civil engineering together at the Technical University of Munich, we have been important companions and close friends, and it was our high standards for the nature and quality of our work that prompted us to set up an engineering office for “TUTE solutions” together.TUTE is a synonym for the experience and convictions that we stand for as entrepreneurs.

Who we are

Benjamin Ryklin and Bernhard Roth